Now more than's time to Chase Good Health!

It's time for each of us to Chase Good Health with all our might.  For ourselves, our families, our communities and our world.  


Chasing Good Health a new lens through which we view our overall health and well-being.  It's focusing all our energy on staying well.  When we Chase Good Health, we're creating an internal terrain in our body that is an inhospitable host for illness and dis-ease to thrive.  We reclaim  powerful sovereignty over our health and, as such, begin approaching our health from a place of confidence, excitement, optimism, curiosity and joy. 

Chasing Good Health is the opposite of waiting in fear for illness. When we're Chasing Good Health we're fascinated by elevating our mind, body and spirit to the highest level. This fascination and excitement creates healthy habits, which in time become healthy rituals to which we are devoted. We are excited and empowered about learning more.  We age with a youthful countenance, and feel better with each passing day, week, month and year.  


What I've found is many people want to approach their health differently, however they don't know how to begin.  They are often confused by the overflow of information and contradictory "must-do's" in the health and wellness space.  They aren't sure where to start and just want a trusty guide and community to help them get started and learn the basics.   I fell in love with Chasing Good Health ten years ago and it changed my life.  It's the reason I started The Weekly Juicery in my kitchen!  My journey started with one simple decision that I want to share with you.  If you are ready to live vibrantly, feel amazing and chase good health, the first step is easy: 

Step #1: Start drinking organic juice regularly and give your body digestive rest time.

What's So Powerful About Drinking Organic Juice?

It's Life Force Energy! The gateway to Chase Good Health!

  • Organic juice provides alkalinity for the body.  When the ph of our body's internal terrain is slightly alkaline, it's harder for viruses, illness, and dis-ease in the body to thrive.  
  • Organic juice is LIVE nutrition.  Our bodies are designed to operate on living, unprocessed nutrients.  Organic juice makes the transition to plant-based eating easy.  Our taste buds start craving plants instead of nutritionally dead processed foods.
  • Organic juice is easily assimilated by the digestive system.  The "rest' from digestion allows energy conservation for the body to direct toward restoration and healing.  The health elevating benefits of fasting are proven.  Juice makes it easy!
  • Organic juice provides concentrated nutrients.  When we juice vegetables and fruits properly the result is more powerful than simply eating fruits and vegetables.  One juice contains 3 - 4 pounds or organic produce!
  • Organic green juice is like drinking "liquid sunshine".  We include green juices in The Juice Ritual because the chlorophyll (plant pigment) provides powerful support for the liver and natural detoxification.

Ready to take the first step toward Chasing Good Health with us this month?

Join The Juice Ritual!

Step #2: Chasing Good Health also requires elevating your mind and spirit.

That's exactly what we do inside The Juice Ritual!

Most people fall short on their journey to the highest health because they focus exclusively on detoxification of their physical body.  While this is a great starting point, its only the beginning. 


Inside The Juice Ritual, you'll learn the powerful combination and blueprint  to take your health to the next level.  (also known as growing younger!) We work within seven key areas to optimize and integrate our body, mind and spirt. It's all connected!

In addition to the keeping our physical body clean and vibrant, we also work on elevating our environment, mindset, emotional resonance and spiritual vision.  And we do it on repeat.  Every Month.  

Step #3: Repeat as a Ritual

The last secret to Chasing Good Health is repeating and stacking healthy habits until they become rituals. Over time, it's the same healthy rituals we implement and execute over and over that have the biggest impact on our health. It's complete freedom from the up and down, on again, off again cycle of strict dieting, worry and unease in the body.

The Juice Ritual is a great way to start Chasing Good Health!

How Does The Juice Ritual Work?

Inside The Juice Ritual you'll find the most amazing group of people.  You'll find generosity of spirit, enthusiasm for learning, and commitment to the highest health!  You are not alone on this journey!  You will find amazing support in our Private Facebook Group which serves as our virtual Living Room for conversation and interaction.

It's a great way to begin your journey to Chasing Good Health!



The Juice Ritual happens the first week of every month!  Specifically we do our one-day Juice Fast the first Thursday of every month.  You may choose to do a mini-fast or simply enjoy one juice each day of the week.

We ship SIX USDA Certified Organic Juices right to your doorstep. (FREE Shipping)  That's 24 pounds or organic produce!  

Each month we learn strategies to elevate mind, body and spirit through live, virtual  training sessions with doctors and experts from the integrative health field.

The training sessions are virtual, and are scheduled the first week of the month.  For your convenience everything is recorded for later viewing!

Now More Than Ever...It's Time to Chase Good Health! I'll See You Inside The Juice Ritual.

Did you know that after a year inside The Juice Ritual you will have consumed over 200 pounds or organic plants and logged over 250 fasting hours? That's Chasing Good Health!













You Deserve to Feel AMAZING!

If you don't, let's get busy fixing that together! Here's what a few of our Juice Ritual members say...

The Juice Ritual Also Includes...


Free Doorstep Delivery of your SIX USDA Certified Organic Juices Each Month!  


We rotate the juices seasonally inside The Juice Ritual.  You'll receive different jucies each month.


During The Juice Ritual I'll be your guide, never your expert to help you fall in love with Chasing Good Health.  

100% Certified Organic. Always.

Drinking conventional juice and eating conventionally grown foods is a bad idea for your health. Our juices are free of harmful additives, pesticides and any other garbage not suited for optimal health.


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