Guided One Day Juice Fast 


  • Easily make the transition to plant-based eating?  
  • Give your body a much needed vacation with 24 hours of digestive rest (fasting hours)?
  • Flood your body with over 20 pounds of organic plants?
  • Learn about game-changing concept of fasting with organic juice?
  • Break the sugar habit and free yourself from the sugar and processed food cravings?
  • Increase your vibrancy, youthful countenance and feel amazing?
  • Hit "reverse" on aging and grow younger from the inside out?


Here's the truth:  YOU SHOULD FEEL AMAZING.  If you don't, then let's get busy making that happen!  I would love to be your guide, (never your expert) to show you exactly how to Chase Good Health.  Trust me, it is so much more fun and energizing than waiting for disease! 

The time is now for each of us to restore powerful sovereignty over our health, and fall in love with plants as a healing force. 

Our One-Day Guided Fast is the perfect kickstart for your journey to Chasing Good Health.  It's also the perfect reset if you've fallen off the healthy path! 
Get ready to look your best, feel your best and do your best work!

Our Guided Juice Fast Includes:

  • SIX USDA Certified Organic cold pressed juices
  • Insulated tote bag and reusable ice packs 
    (helpful if you are on-the-go)
  • Guided Video instruction by Kimmye Bohannon on the best way to execute a juice fast.  Learn important how-to, what-to, what-not-to-do, when-to and all her pro-tips to maximize the return of your juice fast!

YES! I'm ready to feel AMAZING!

People feel amazing after our Guided One Day Juice Fast!

"I feel great. I had a tough strength training workout this morning, busy day with clients, and now gearing up for dinner and bedtime with the kiddos. I feel energized and clear headed!"

Cynthia T.

"Not only has The Weekly Juicery made an outstanding juice fast that is so beneficial to our bodies, but they are there to answer your questions and support you through the whole thing."

Jenny M.

"I just know that I am taking in organic rich nutrients that I do not get near enough of on a daily basis! Giving my digestive system a break to help heal and restore my body as god designed."

Bonnie D.


I'm Ready to Chase Good Health!


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